Вся мясная продукция, которую выпускает «Мясная фабрика».




In 2015, the holding company launched a new enterprise for the slaughter and meat processing of farm animals. The plant « the Meat Factory», which outfitted with state of the art equipment is located in the village Furmanovo of Gusevsky district on the area of 78 thousand square meters, 41 thousand of which is the production area.

The complex consist of three parts: a shop for slaughter and primary processing of cattle and pigs, shop for boning and meat, also meat and sausage shop.
Up to 90 different products are produced by the meat factory. The own raw material is used at the factory for making delicious smoked-boiled products, sausages, grill sausages and more others delicacies.
The enterprise has several cleaning stages, control devices and corresponds with all European standards of environmental security.


Annually the enterprise produces 4,275 tons of meat of cattle, 715 tons of pork and 1200 tons of sausages and smoked-boiled products
The factory produces a wide range of high-quality meat products (up to 90 products). Boneless meat, meat on bones and raw-smoked
More than 40 types of meat sausages were developed and introduced at the production
The raw materials used at the plant are grown at the enterprises of the holding company. We use chilled pork and chilled beef
All the company's products are made from chilled meat, obtained when slaughtering animals for production
Animals are raised on natural fodder grown by our company, located in ecologically clean areas of the region
In 2015, at the International «Professional Tasting Contest Product of the Year 2015», held in Moscow won silver and gold medals. Prize places went to sausages «Moscovskaya», semi-smoked «Tallinnskaya», «Krakowskaya», boiled «Stolichnaya», as well as beef «Extra», pork loin «Premium».
Most of the products complies Russian national standards and specifications.